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Battling Loose Hairs

Do you love to bring your furry friends for a ride but hate the aftercare of all the hair? Well, this brush is going to solve all your problems. This mini brush is the best product for removing hairs, lint, and any little stubborn particles that stay on your seats, carpets, and in little crevices. The little bristles and comb-like style perfectly lift all particles from the surfaces and leave it looking brand new. Once the particles are lifting, it’s recommended to vacuum or, if possible, collect the hair with your hand and toss it for an easy clean, and brand new look.

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Getting in every crack

By simply vacuuming the interior of your car, or using wash mitts and sponges for the exterior, you may think you’re getting in every crevasse of your car. The truth is, that vacuums and wash mitts can’t pick up and get out every particle of garbage with a swift passing over of them. Using a Boar’s Hair Detailing Brush to brush over any and all parts of your car will give better results when trying to rid of all the garbage and little particles living in the seams/ the cracks. The brush is easy to use and very effective when trying to ensure your car is clean from to ti bottom, inside and out.

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